9 Strategies for Leveraging Big Data in the Healthcare Industry

ref: 9 strategies for leveraging big data in the healthcare industry

    • Implement a data governance framework:  There is no point in collecting all the data unless it is tied to the governance structure.  Dashboards are getting very useful in hospitals these days and the possibilities are infinite.
    • Providers engagement:  It is important to engage the providers, so that they customise the software to suit end users.
    • Foster competition and transparency:  I’d say use of data is just entering the healthcare/hospital industry.  Till date it is not used the way it is in rest of the industry.  For example, comparing and contrasting the team performance and using it as governance tool to bring out the best our of teams.
    • Bake analytics into training:  All hospitals have Decision Support people who know little about healthcare and healthcare people who don’t know what wonders data can do.  There is absolute need for some convergence.  The best way would if healthcare people are trained on data tools that are available and what all information they can provide.  Then, analyst can do what all number crunching is required.
    • Provide for flexibility in information transference:  Depending on the work-style of the clinician, data should be made available to them.  The latest I am hearing is use of Google Glasses as a data device in hospitals.
    • When possible, choose in-house solutions over vendor-generated solutions: Naturally provides for greater flexibility, if our priorities change.  Else, the vendors should be ready to customize at short notice.
    • Create simple, understandable tools such as dashboard for clinicians on the frontlines to visualize incoming data:  Another great example would be various tablet or data device applications customized to suit various kind of users in hospital.  For example, one application for emergency people and other for medical or surgical wards.
    • Don’t scale up, scale out:  Some organizations may be prone to lean towards replacing their older servers with bigger and more powerful servers.
    • Close the Quality Loop:  Use change management methodologies to sustain changes being brought about by IT.

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