How Great Leaders Communicate

Was reading this article,”How Great Leaders Communicate”, and a few thought come to mind.

  • It states that “mid-level meetings include one person serving solely as the customer advocate”.  Applying this to one of many meetings that take place within healthcare setttings, we should have a champion at every meeting.  He/She could be internal or external, and clearly mandated to speak for the patients.  It upon leadership to ensure that the person is experienced and motivated enough to take up that role.  Also, during the meeting itself, the leadership should ensure that such person gets sufficient breathing space.  It is important that such person is not from the department concerned, so as to provide unbiased opinion.
  • It suggests asking your team members smart question.  Now that does not mean pushing them on back foot.  Instead, to stir their imagination and helping them come out with innovative solutions.
  • Another key learning experience, which I believe a lot of healthcare leaders follow, is listening skills beyond the board room.  Sit with you community partners, and just listen to them.
  • Keep a few and dedicated areas of focus.  Select a few initiatives among those areas.  This keeps the company focused on objectives.  The higher you go the more important it gets.
  • Whether writing or speaking to your employees or stakeholders, convey as if it is you and only you who is speaking.  They should be able to read your mind through your communiqué.
  • Never shirk from learning finer details from your subordinates.  If you’re shy of making it obvious, do it shrewdly.  It is fine, so long as you do it.
  • Finally, take the organization to such levels where employees genuinely believe they’re working for the best.  Not sure whether this point is means to an end or end to a mean.  Either way, it is greatest motivating factor.

“If you’re conveying a clear vision, asking good questions, setting the right priorities and so on, you’re creating that winners’ aura that is the ultimate reward for great leadership communication.”


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