Three uncertainties that can halt Obamacare

ref: If Obamacare survives, employers may do it in

The article talks about three uncertainties that can stall Obamacare: Supreme Court ruling, the elections and the behaviour of major employers. 

There is little to say about the Supreme Court’s ruling.  Coming to the next point that is the elections, it isn’t very clear, at least to me what Mitt Romney will do.  Even though Obamacare is extension of what Romney did in MA.  I think latter’s position prior to election is nothing but political posturing.  Once in power, he will bring his own tweaked version of Obamacare.

The most unpredictable of all is the behaviour of major employers.  One of the response possible is that employers stop providing coverage to the employees, and let them buy off these exchanges.  This will make life a lot simpler for the employers.  The can offer a fixed amount to employees, which they can use to buy insurance of their choice.  That will help cut down the administrative costs, and if employee manage to find inexpensive coverage, they can keep the top-up. 

Another possibility being considered is that employers tweak their plan such that it nudges the employees towards these exchanges.  Won’t even discuss how these nudges would mean in actual, as they look rather sinister. 

It will be really hard to manoeuvre/influence employer behaviour if we are to go buy what goes on at Wall St.  


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