EMR: Pros and Cons

ref: Digital Records May Not Cut Health Costs, Study Cautions

Some silly study saying that digital records prompts physicians to order more tests, and hence does not help reduce costs.  Not going into why and how they’re wrong.  We all know that!

But one reader comment was indeed thought provoking and can be easily overlooked by big guys of the industry.  Here is how it goes

“All I know is that those with electronic spend all their time typing and looking at the computer and no time talking to or looking at me. I don’t know whether he has heard what I said or not. I now only go to doctors with old fashioned records.”

One more point highlighting the fact how healthcare is different from different industries.  Some non-healthcare consultant would have suggested that doctors type as they listen to their patients not realizing the nuances of the profession.  Doctors can pay full attention to their patient, and turn around and type as they do with paper.  It will take a few more minutes compared to type as you listen, but improves patient satisfaction/compliance many more times.  My only hope is the physicians in general don’t lose focus on this point.  I too will pay attention to this point the next time I visit my doctor. 


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