Mobile Aps for Patient Appointment

As per Health Minister Deb Matthew’s speech, there will be a lot of effort towards increasing accessibility of family physicians.  One of the ideas I have in mind is a database of cancelled appointments.  Probably at a LHIN level would be a good idea.  Say, physician assistant can upload the list of empty slots on to the database.  They can be sorted and searched by patients on the basis of postal code of the clinic.  That way patients/caregiver can find earliest appointment closest to home.

Considering these are they days of mobile applications, another thought crossed my mind.  Say, if you are driving down one of the roads, and are nowhere near your family doctor.  In such a situation, a mobile application will allow you to access the same database.  The mobile device will use GPS to determine your location, and suggest earliest and closest physician from where you are.  The phone will connect you to the physician assistant to make an appointment.  Also, already existing GPS based mapping application will give you driving instructions to the clinic.


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