Yes Minister!

Just read: How Ontario plans to ‘transform’ health care on how Hon. Minister Deb Matthews plans to reform Ontario’s healthcare system.  Here would be my points are I read through the article.

The four key changes

  1. Surgery clinics:  High time there was some private participation in healthcare.  When it can happen in social and community sector, then why not in healthcare.  As is being hinted, cataract surgery would be one to go to community sector.  Other in line could possibly be basic surgery, orthopaedic surgery etc.
  2. A doctor when you need: The article says it is hard to fathom how they’ll make it possible.  But I feel they can certainly improve the situation through better scheduling.  I’d suggest there should be something along the lines of “best buddy” among the doctors.  Say doctors who work alternate days can have some sort of arrangement where they can see each other’s patients. 
  3. Funding the patient, not hospital:  Just a few days back was wondering how to generate competition amongst hospital, and voila!  Minister has a plan already.  And it is brilliant to say the least.  So, if your hospital provides the best service and attracts patients, you get the money.  Patient satisfaction surveys and all that crap can go to trash. 
  4. Less hospital, more home care:  As expected!  

Regarding delisting of C-section when they’re not medically necessary, I’d go for the cautious approach.  First of all it is physician’s call whether it is medically necessary in a particular care or not.  Say if it is identified that it is not medically necessary in a particular case, then why go for it in the first place.  What will happen is physicians will classify all the cases as medically necessary to avoid scrutiny.  Also, not going for C-section can have potential negative outcomes on mother and child in quite a few cases.  Physicians would be less inclined to classify a case as medically unnecessary, as there is a strong possibility of litigation in case something goes wrong.


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