Innovative Sweden

Went to a seminar today about we can learn from Swedish model of healthcare.  It was in collaboration with Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa.  Very little was discussed today about their model of governance.

But here are a few thoughts

  • A consultant talked about how our cost of cataract surgery have remained the same over the decades.  Even though technology has allowed us to do more surgery in less time, with less physician hours.  In essence the message was that cost/reimbursement for cataract surgery should come down.  Now, I have two problem with this: one, has he taken into account inflation over the decades; and how do you get buy in from physician and hospitals for reduced payment.  I am not sure, but I think cataract surgery is a profit making venture that allows hospitals to cross-subsidise other services.  And if inflation has not been taken into account in the study, then it will nullify all the suggested savings.
  • Then there was talk of how NHS of UK reduced ambulatory wait times.  They give an example where there used to be wait time of up to 2yrs, as people used to book appointment out of speculation.  Say they used to book once every three months presuming they’ll have to show to a physician and then cancel at the last moment.  It wasn’t elaborated how they changed it all, but what interests me is the governance structure they had in place which could pinpoint the issue.  Its not the problem, but the structure you have in place to identify it is important.

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