Speech from the Throne: Ontario

Just finished watching the Speech from the Throne of the new Ontario Legislative Assembly.  Was keenly looking for key points regarding government service, and healthcare in particular.  Here are a few points I could gather

  • 5% cut in government services over next few years will help balance budget by 2017/18.
  • They don’t plan to cut healthcare budget, but there will be emphasis on greater efficiency keeping the same level or even greater quality of service.
  • Government of Ontario will sign a 10yr agreement with Federal Government for transfer of funds.  The key point of transfer agreement would be home healthcare for Seniors.
  • No room for privatization of healthcare.
  • Abraham Lincoln was quoted in reference to overcoming unusual times.

My conclusions:

  • The cuts in government services will not apply healthcare sector.  At most it will affect only those working directly at MOHLTC.  The hospitals and community sector will be untouched.
  • They’ll try to reduce the rate of growth of healthcare budget through system innovation and thereby bringing greater efficiencies.  I feel they’ll be open to all sorts of innovative ideas.
  • The fact that they’ve ruled out privatization in these times, shows that they’re open to wind of innovative ideas.
  • Quoting Lincoln regarding rising to occasion to overcome harsh times, also hints towards previous point.

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