Minister’s speech at Health Achieve

ref: Remarks By The Honourable Deb Matthews Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Was reading the text of Minister’s speech at Health Achieve, and I tried to read her mind.  A couple of things that stand out

  • Integration is the way to go, and also there is no hint of privatization.  So, still a lot of confidence left in our current model of healthcare.  Furthermore, the events south of border are making us rethink.
  • There is concern that expense on healthcare is growing at an alarming rate.  For the moment, the idea is to slower the rate of increase and not make any drastic cuts.
  • Quality of care and not financial efficiencies are going to be the driver of healthcare.  This is good as cutting costs from everywhere is not the best way.

She talked about how the system is getting integrated and how patients are moving from LTC to home care, and thereby freeing up ALC beds, and so on.  That gave me an idea about something that can be borrowed from industrial sector.  We all must have seen photos of control room of large refinery or power plant, where they have a huge display board showing pressure/temperature across various segments of the plant.

How about creating a similar thing for a hospital where at one glance we can see bottlenecks at various stages.  Bottlenecks like wait-time at emergency, ALC, bed occupancy across the hospital.  It can also be expanded to include various other institutions it is integrated with.  Ideally it should be web based such that managers across the system are able to see it, and act upon it.


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