Post election scenario

Went to attend a lecture yesterday on post election scenario, particularly on healthcare.  Apart from discussion on party stand, minority government and all the political stuff, there wasn’t much to bring home.  A few general points though

  • There is going to be less money going forward
  • With provincial government short by 1 vote to get majority, it will be tough for them to bring in tough measures.  They’ll try to bring changes that can be made without legislation.
  • Economic scenario is will continue to be grim beyond 2012, and the later they make changes the difficult it will get for them.
  • We will get to know more during Speech From the Throne on Nov 22nd.  Correct me if the date is wrong.

Few insights into what it entails for healthcare sector.  Their projection was

  • No increase in block funding to hospital/healthcare sector
  • Push to keep people at home, than in hospital
  • Within in community sector, emphasis on children’s mental health
  • Stress on finding innovative healthcare models.

Now, a few thoughts of my own

  • One of the things that can be pushed out of hospitals is Cataract Surgery.  It does not need very sophisticated setup, and can easily be done in group practices.  I’ve heard that hospitals earn some good amount for this procedure, and won’t want to forgo it.  It is better if we look at it from system perspective and adequately compensate hospitals for more expensive procedures.  Similarly, efforts should be made such that hospital don’t accumulate further debt.
  • Another thought that crossed my mind is there should be a concept of mini-Emergency.  A lot that comes through the emergency door is not very critical.  There may be a lot patients with minor injuries, cuts, abrasions which take away the valuable time of emergency staff.  For such patients, there should be mini-Emerg along the lines of Family Teams.  Needless to say that EMS staff should be directed to take patients over there after being triaged in the ambulance.  More importantly, it should be well communicated to prevent patients waking to hospital emergency themselves. 

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