Integrated Healthcare Organizations–Part I

Ref: Are Integrated Healthcare Organizations Right For Ontario?

Have just started reading that article, and there are a few things that come to mind.  The idea of integration is good, but so was LHIN.  The bottom line is no matter how good an idea is, it is of no use unless carefully brainstormed in detail.  I think in Ontario we have had enough of experience from our experiments to realize this thing.

It talks of combining acute care, primary care and home care into one organization.  First, will the organizations of this scale and complexity be really manageable?  In fact, we should first determine how to quantify success of these organizations.  We should first draw a complete picture, and then start planning backwards. 

Regarding integration itself, will there be an option where smaller organizations choose not to join a organization?  It is good to be part of a big system, but at the same time it will kill innovation.  Organizations who are doing well on their own will no longer have reason to excel.  In my opinion, there should be an option where small organizations keep a kind of working relationship with IHOs and other smaller organization.

Good part is that EMS will be part of this system, and municipal boundaries will no longer relevant.  Also, person availing the service don’t care which hospital they are sent to.  Regarding the number of IHOs, it would be a painstaking process to carve them out.  Each will be unique to its area, as further discussed in the article regarding GTA.



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