Medecins Sans Provincial Frontiers

Was reading in CBC that doctors, especially foreign trained are having difficulty having their credentials acknowledged across provincial boundaries.  It talks about an agreement being reached in this regard between provinces, but regulatory bodies not doing enough to implement it.  I’d say it is generally true of these licensing bodies, as they are more of interest groups making sure there is no flooding of physicians in the market.  There has to be cross border acceptability of licence, otherwise new Canadian doctors will shirk from going to Prairies unless assured that they can settle in major metropolitan centres in future.

The article states that the problem is particularly high in case of special licences where a doctor is supposed to work under supervision of an experienced doctor.  And can work independently only if there is shortage in that province.  If you have a look at it, it smacks of licensing bodies having upper hand over provincial health priorities.  These special licences speak of the fact that their denial of full license has less to do with doctors abilities, and more to do with their restrictive agenda.

In my opinion the special or selective licence itself is a problem.  Like the current situation doctors with these special license should be allowed to work under the experienced doctor.  But, the latter  taking the mentorship role and guiding the protégé through getting full license.


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