Board and Quality Initiatives – I

Lately have been working on the role the boards should be playing in leading quality initiatives in an organization.  It becomes some sort of challenge as it is an operational matter and therefore beyond direct preview of the boards.

Although, dashboards of various kinds are widely accepted as a means of governing quality and other parameters, but the idea is to go beyond the reporting mechanism and actually lead the initiatives.  So, here are a few thoughts on this matter.

  • The quality parameters can be either devised in-house or can be borrowed from the accrediting agency or some other similar organization.  As those would be become widely acceptable standards, if the organization wants to stand out it needs create some of its own based on its mission, vision and values.
  • It is generally not talked about, but if you want to maintain quality then there has to be some time associated with monitoring of quality.  An audit done once every six months may miss out on many adverse incidences.  Therefore, I’d recommend that quality parameters should be evaluated as frequently as operationally possible.  This is something that board can stress upon.
  • Regarding boards response to negative trends in dashboards, I’d suggest their recommending executive team to formulate some short term plan to overcome those negative outcomes.
  • Also, it would be very important to link quality initiatives to the strategic plan, and this is something board can stress upon.  The strategic plan should include when and how we will reach a certain level of quality, and the dashboard would be use to collaborate the results.

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