Quality Symposium

Attended a health quality symposium today, and here are a few thoughts I’d like to share.

  • They showed an example of hospital bourn infection that patient got due to negligence of nursing staff.  It occurred to hospitals should make it a point to show such slide presentation to their nursing staff, and particularly show examples from their own hospital.  That way the staff would be able to relate better and feel personally obliged to avoid such incidences in future. 
  • Also it was suggested that hospitals should be appoint physician and nurse champion/lead on quality.  They would review and publish shining examples of how staff members took preventive steps to avoid potential adverse outcome.  I should mention that those examples should be chosen where timely action was taken.
  • Hospitals should also develop inexpensive tools to measure quality.  That is particularly relevant to small organizations with little or no IT infrastructure.
  • With regards to surveys and feedback reporting, it should be right after the incident.  Some organizations do annual or bi-annual surveys, and by the time they’re done half of the things have faded from people’s memory.  It quality is to be maintained, then incidents should be reported at the earliest and action taken promptly.

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