Hospital Boards & Stakeholder Engagement

was reading an article in recent edition of CCHSE publication Forum about decisions by boards that didn’t go down well with certain stakeholders.  It didn’t take the name of the institution, but talked about how the consolidation of Maternal & Child Health services by a particular multi site institution.

The article gives certain do’s and don’ts that boards to should follow in order to overcome ethical dilemma and decision-making.  What I am wondering is whether boards have all inputs from various stakeholders in the first place.  All institutions have various stakeholder committees, but does the outcome of those meeting ever reach the board members.  Similarly, do the board members ever get first hand information about government’s or regional health authority’s perspective.

Among other things, institutions should some sort of knowledge bank or bulletin to inform the boards and other senior leaders of the deliberations of various stakeholders (including government) meetings.  It should be confidential, but not restricted.  Besides giving access to meeting minutes and executive summary, there should be opportunities to interact on one on one basis with stakeholders.  Board members in spite of their best intentions, will make better decisions only if they are even better informed.


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