EHR adoption and role of senior executives

In the latest edition of Healthcare Executives, there is articles by John M. Buell about EHR adoption and role of senior executives.   It compares one small, two mid-size and one large hospital.

I happen to go through what it had to say about small and one of the medium sized hospital.  In small hospitals their challenges were simple, whether to work upon existing IT infrastructure or go for system wide single integrated approach with one provider.  And rightfully so they chose the latter.  Another thing that stands out is that they got user buy-in before they approached their boards.

For their implementation plan they decided to go for big-bang approach, that is going live system wide on the same day.  It probably worked for them, but I’d won’t be in favour of such an approach.  Now matter how diligent or experienced you maybe, you cannot negate the possibility of last minute glitches.  It would be far better if one department goes live first, and once all problems are ironed out that the rest of the hospital goes live.  This will prevent undue pressure on IT department and allow team to learn from implementation process.

The article also sites example of their identifying a security problem, and how they found a unique solution from outside the industry.


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